Olive oil is good for your skin – from both inside and out. Included in your diet, high quality, cold-pressed virgin olive oil has numerous health benefits that impact on the condition of your skin. Olive oil also contains several antioxidant compounds and Vitamins A and E, that are all highly beneficial for your skin. Collectively, they promote soft skin, have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant anti-ageing effects, and can even help your skin withstand UV damage.

But if you are looking for a quick fix right now – there’s not much to beat olive oil skin treatments. When it comes to skin treatments, the high level of Vitamin E, in its purest natural form and easily absorbed, is the magic ingredient.

You can buy plenty of olive oil based skin treatments… or you can make your own!

If you need to get your glow on, olive oil is just one of the several things you can find in your kitchen for a fast skin boost. However, olive oil is unique in the level of conditioning and softness it can give your skin.

  • You can use the olive oil on its own – or you use it as a base for a home-made mask that will also help scrub dead-skin cells and promote circulation – giving you that instant lift and glow.
  • Add raw oatmeal or chia seeds to a table-spoon of olive oil to make a paste. Use it as a face scrub.
  • Add egg white to the paste to make a mask. Leave it on until it hardens and then wipe off with some warm water and a clean face cloth. You’ll rub all the smelly stuff off – but the olive will have penetrated deep into your skin, keeping it soft and supple and maximizing the skin tightening benefits of the other ingredients.

Used regularly, olive oil skin treatments will help your skin (and you) stay looking good. Use olive oil to moisturise and soften your skin from the outside in, while your olive-oil rich diet nourishes it from the inside out. While you treating your skin to an olive oil treatment, spoil yourself and let your hair indulge in some attention too.