While no foodstuff can change the rate of cell division and gradual decay (or entropy) that is built into our cells, some can maximise health and help you avoid premature aging. The process of aging, along with its inevitability, is neither ‘here nor there’ when it come to this question; it is accepted that when people ask about what ‘slows the aging process’, they want to know what foods will help keep you looking and feeling younger and healthier for longer.

Top quality olive oil has proven anti-aging effects:

Extra virgin olive oil is one of these substances. There is an enormous amount of anecdotal evidence that has led to cold-pressed olive oil’s reputation as a food that helps prevent premature aging and slow the onset of ageing-related and lifestyle diseases. There is also now substantial scientific evidence to back this up – as well as the fact that ordinary olive does not possess the same anti-aging properties as extra virgin olive oil.

Olive Oil and Heart Disease

A diet that includes the use of olive oil has been shown to cut the risk of heart disease from between 7% to 21%. It all depends on how much olive oil you consume. The more olive oil consumed per day, the higher the benefit. The longer you have been consuming olive oil, and the less you use other fats and oils, also impacts on the benefit.

Olive Oil and Cognitive Decline

Olive oil has also been shown to rates of cognitive decline. Importantly, the benefit of olive oil brain health only applies when olive oil is habitually as a substitute for other vegetable oils, butter and margarine.

As for looking younger – we all know that live oil is good for skin, hair and nails. Add to that – healthier on the inside means looking better on the outside!